August 2017

Equatorial Array – Gareth Page

Of Queues and Cures – National Health

Invention of Knowledge – Anderson-Stolt

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner – David Bedford

Wise After the Event – Anthony Phillips

Criminal Record – Rick Wakeman

Love Beach - Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Gone to Earth - David Sylvian

Time Honoured Ghosts - Barclay James Harvest

Flags - Moraz-Bruford

Point of Know Return – Kansas

Phallus Dei – Amon Düül II

Inferno – Metamorfosi

Cook – PFM

Un Amico – PFM

Birds – Trace

33 – M.Efekt

Melting Clock (demo) – Melting Clock

On An On – Syd Arthur

Hand. Cannot. Erase – Steven Wilson

Star Clusters, Nebulae & Places in Devon/The Song of the White Horse – David Bedford

Expresso II – Gong

Foxtrot- Genesis

Raindance – Gryphon

Tour 2013 EP – Goblin


Voyage of the Acolyte – Steve Hackett

Symphony n.1 Cupid & Psyche – Höstsonaten

Abraxas – Santana

Refugee – Refugee

Islands – King Crimson

Fragile – Yes

Live at the Fairfield Halls – Caravan

Trilogy – Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Night on Bald Mountain – Fireballet

H to He Who Am the Only One – Van der Graaf Generator

The World Became the World – PFM

The Endless River – Pink Floyd

The Ghosts of Pripyat – Steve Rothery

IV – Peter Gabriel

At the Sound of the Bell – Pavlov’s Dog

Matching Mole – Matching Mole

Gizmo – Gizmo

B the Magpie – Pekka Pohjola

Nice – The Nice

4½ - Steven Wilson

Classic Ash – Wishbone Ash

Electronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra – Synergy

Photo of Ghosts – PFM

Mass in F Minor – The Electric Prunes

Still Life – Van der Graaf Generator

Everyone is Everybody Else – Barclay James Harvest

Il Grande Labirinto – La Maschera di Cera

Papillon (English version) – Latte e Miele

Nude – Camel

Ars Longa Vita Brevis – The Nice

The Essential Fripp and Eno – Robert Fripp - Brian Eno

Blackdance – Klaus Schulze

Rubycon – Tangerine Dream

Chocolate Kings – PFM

Red Queen to Gryphom Three – Gryphon

Crac! – Area

Il Teatro delle Ombre – Consorzio Acqua Potabile

Nursery Cryme – Genesis

Symphonic Pictures – Schicke, Führs and Fröhling

Please Don’t Touch – Steve Hackett

Bedside Manners are Extra – Greenslade

The Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd

Kaipa – Kaipa

Moonmadness – Camel

Campo di Marte – Campo di Marte

The Mathematician’s Air Display – Pekka Pohjola


September 2017

In a Glass House – Gentle Giant

Beginnings – Steve Howe

Barbara Thompson’s Paraphernalia – Paraphernalia

Au-Delà Du Délire - Ange

Ágætis Byrjun - Sigur Rós

Deep End – Isotope

Courting the Widow - Nad Sylavan

Chronomotree – Glass Hammer

Art in the Age of Automation - Portico Quartet

Ummagumma – Pink Floyd

Il Tempo Della Gioia - Quella Vecchia Locanda

Romantic Warrior – Return to Forever

Radiant Memory - Process of Illumination

Raindances – Camel

Sonnenlicht - Tyndall

Fact and Fiction - Twelfth Night

The Wake – IQ

A Momentary Lapse of Reason – Pink Floyd

II – Peter Gabriel

In Limine – Finisterre

Concerts – Henry Cow

Songs from the Wood – Jethro Tull

Midnight Mushrumps – Gryphon

Tarkus – Emerson, Lake & Palmer

An Invitation – Amber Foil

Vietato ai Minori di 18 Anni? – Jumbo

The Yes Album – Yes

Feels Good to Me – Bruford


October 2017

Premiata Forneria Marconi - PFM

La Notte Anchi di Giorno - La Coscienza di Zeno

Samadhi - Samadhi

Hooffoot - Hoofoot

An Invitation – Amber Foil

Diagrams for the Summoning of Wolves - *AR

Ile de Fièvre – Shylock

Triad – Groundburst

The Power and the Glory – Gentle Giant

Greatest Hits – Roxy Music

Gudrun – Pierrot Lunaire

Floating Worlds – Jade Warrior

Incantations – Mike Oldfield

Buon Vecchio Charlie - Buon Vecchio Charlie

Vivi. Lotta. Pensa - Biglietto per L’Inferno

Wardance – Colosseum II

Meddle – Pink Floyd

Yesterdays – Yes

In Hoc Signo - Ingranaggi Della Valle

An Invitation – Amber Foil

In the Wake of Poseidon – King Crimson

Inferno – Metamorfosi

Alight – Cellar Noise

The Snow Goose (2013) – Camel

Epsilon in Malaysian Pale – Edgar Froese

Emotional Tattoos – PFM

In the Land of Grey and Pink – Caravan

Three Friends- Gentle Giant

In Praise of Learning – Henry Cow

Stratosfear – Tangerine Dream

Heaven and Hell – Vangelis

Halloween – Pulsar

Triad – Groundburst

Histoire de Fou - Francis Décamps

Earthbound – King Crimson


November 2017

Il Paese dei Balocchi - Il Paese dei Balocchi

The Peacock Party – Gordon Giltrap

Days of Future Passed – Moody Blues

The Concerts in China – Jean Michel Jarre

Tales from Topographic Oceans – Yes

Godbluff – Van der Graaf Generator

Emotional Tattoos (English version) – PFM

Banco del Mutuo Soccorso – Banco del Mutuo Soccorso

L’Araignée-Mal – Atoll

Dedalo e Icaro – Il Cerchio d’Oro

Yessongs – Yes

Rings of Earthly Light – Eris Pluvia

Everything I Didn’t Say and All the Things I Wanted To – Groundburst

A Live Record – Camel

ThreeFour – Phoenix Again

La Finestra Dentro – Juri Camisasca

A Nice Pair - Pink Floyd

Concerto Grosso n.1 – New Trolls

Topographic Drama – Yes

Live at the Marquee – King Crimson

La Notte Anchi di Giorno - La Coscienza di Zeno

Ancient Afternoons – Ezra Winston

Bundles – Soft Machine

Zeitgeist – Tony Coe

Aka/Darbari/Java – Magic Realism – Jon Hassell

Once Around the World – It Bites

Il Viaggio di Columbo – Il Cerchio d’Oro

Dedalo e Icaro – Il Cerchio d’Oro

Il Fuoco Sotto la Cenere – Il Cerchio d’Oro

Le Porte del Domani – La Maschera di Cera


December 2017

Imaginary Voyage – Jean-Luc Ponty

Zinc – Eddie Jobson

Between Nothingness and Eternity – Mahavishnu Orchestra

Starless and Bible Black – King Crimson

Point of Know Return – Kansas

Photos of Ghosts – PFM

Acquiring the Taste – Gentle Giant

The Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome – Van der Graaf

Canis Lupus – Darryl Way’s Wolf

Embrace - Anna Phoebe

In Hoc Signo - Ingranaggi Della Valle

Live in Chicago – King Crimson

La Torre dell'Alchimista - La Torre dell'Alchimista

Uomo di Pezza – Le Orme

Io Son oil Vampiro – Abiogenesi

Focus II (Moving Waves) – Focus

Alawn – Damkat

Renewal and Release – Gaillion

The Swan Song – Servants of Science

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