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Playlists 2023 (monthly descriptive text available in Vimeo video)

January 2023


Startide – Radio Massacre International

Heavenly Bodies – Bill Bruford’s Earthworks

Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh – Magma

Riflessi e maschere – Macchina Pneumatica

Water Bearer – Sally Oldfield

No Earthly Connection – Rick Wakeman

Campo di marte – Campo di Marte

Melos – Cervello

Dedalo e Icaro – Il Cerchio d’Oro

Grimspound – Big Big Train

In the Land of Grey and Pink – Caravan

Ars Longa Vita Brevis – The Nice

Neo – La Torre dell’Alchimista

Gorlitz – Pulsar

Diario di Viaggio della Festa Mobile – Festa Mobile

Modern Masquerades – Fruupp

Fish Rising – Steve Hillage

Uno – Panna Fredda

From a Distance – Not A Good Sign

The Peacock Party – Gordon Giltrap

Cheshire Ghosts – Pete Rand

Live at Rockpalast, Hamburg 1981 – Peter Hammill & The K Group

Prog på Svenska, Live in Japan – Änglagård

Clockwork Revenge – Airlord

Collegium Musicum – Collegium Musicum

First Signs – Craft

Alice in Wonderland – Neuschwanstein

Sul confine – Aliante

Symphony II – Clearlight

The Silent Corner and the Empty Stage – Peter Hammill

Six Pieces – The Enid

Five Incantations – Jo Quail

The Last of the Jubblies – England

October is Marigold – David Cross & Andrew Keeling

Frágil - Frágil

Symphony N.1 Cupid & Psyche – Höstsonaten

Zenith - Kaschalot

666 – Aphrodite’s Child

Lucid Dreaming and the Spectre of Nikola Tesla – O.A.K

Epoch – Robert Crosbie-Geisha

Halloween – Pulsar

The Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd

Wasteland – Neil Howell

Alive EP – Igor Lisul

February 2023


Dominion – Zopp

The (Re)Master and the Monkey – Gandalf’s Fist

Between Nothingness and Eternity – Mahavishnu Orchestra

Continuum – Continuum

Discreet Music – Brian Eno

L’Imparfait des Langues – Louis Sclavis

Altitude – Lifesigns

Starless and Bible Black – King Crimson

Atom Heart Mother – Pink Floyd

Arc – Diagonal

4 – Diagonal

Peter Gabriel (II) – Peter Gabriel

Finnforest – Finnforest

Kaipa – Kaipa

Nattfiolen – Jordsjø

Green Man – Ache

Zenith - Kaschalot

Šviesa – Argo

Atem – Tangerine Dream

The Universal Play – Gandalf

Hall of Floaters in the Sky – Omega

Broken Hopes – Albion

Lighthouse – Iamthemorning

Sluneční Hodiny - Synkopy and Oldřich Veselý

U Vreći Za Spavanje – Tako

Beaubourg – Vangelis

La scimmia sulla schiena del Re – MO.DO

Mainhorse – Mainhorse

Gialorgues – Shylock

Ceux du Dehors – Univers Zero

The Mountain Queen – Alquin

Lisker – Lisker

The Mirror Effect - Artnat

The Book of Invasions A Celtic Symphony – Horslips

Direct Hits – Nucleus

Rock Bottom – Robert Wyatt

Windchase – Sebastian Hardie

Cavlli-Cocchi Lanzetti Roversi – Cavalli-Cocchi Lanzetti Roversi

Ruth is Stranger than Richard – Robert Wyatt

The Power and the Glory – Gentle Giant

At the Sound of the Bell – Pavlov’s Dog

Spy Story – Sloba

An Electric Storm – White Noise

Night on Bald Mountain – Fireballet

Drowning in Tears EP – Richard Page

Point of Know Return - Kansas

Louder than Words – Fearful Symmetry

Prelude – Deodato

Osiris – Osiris

Inferno – Metamorfosi

A Temple in the Clouds – Fayman & Fripp

Uomo di Pezza – Le Orme

Samadhi – Samadhi

L’Uovo di Colombo – L’Uovo di Colombo

March 2023


Purgatorio – Metamorfosi

Up – Peter Gabriel

Elegy – The Nice

Participation Mystique – Lore City

Garofano Rosso – Banco del Mutuo Soccorso

All of the Above/Innerlife – Tony Lowe and Alison Fleming

Reflections and Odysseys – Rymden

Maida Vale – Stradaperta

I Califfi – I Califfi

Mass in F Minor – The Electric Prunes

L’Araignée-Mal – Atoll

Springsong – Höstsonaten

Road of Bones – IQ

Le porte del silenzio – Malibran

Constellation - Elias

Telepathic Minds – Overhead

Adonis – Anyone’s Daughter

Les Châteaux de la Loire – Ellesmere

Failure of the Grand Design – The Resonance Association

Still Waters – The Prognosis

Live! In the Air Age – Be Bop Deluxe

Fin du Travail – Peter Rand

The Best of Billy Cobham – Billy Cobham

S.E.I. – La Maschera di Cera

Viaggio al centro della terra – Alchem

Todmorden 513 – Markus Reuter

Kaleidoscope of Rainbows – Neil Ardley

Damage – Sylvian / Fripp

Day for Night – Spock’s Beard

Folklore – Big Big Train

Resonator – Tony Levin

La quarta vittima – Fabio Zuffanti

Dedalus – Dedalus

Hijos del Agobio – Triana

Maledetti (Maudits) – Area

Feels Good To Me – Bruford

Daecade – DAAL

Sonnar – Nodo Gordiano

Z​á​nikový horizont / Extinction Horizon – Trilobeat

10 of Swords – Peter Lawson

Darvaza y Brinicle – IKITAN

Between Flesh and Divine – Asia Minor

Colosseum Live – Colosseum

Our Song – Chaos and the Cosmos

Planetarium – The Waking Sleeper Band

Da Nessun Luogo – Pensiero Nomade

Echoes from the Undertow – B-Rain

April 2023


Dedalus – Dedalus

Live in Montreux – Agorà

El Tor – Città Frontale

Astrolabio – Garybaldi

La Follia del mimi di fuoco – Officina Meccanica

Visitation – Eric Angelo Bessel

Animatesi – Sophya Baccini

Arrow Head – Osage Tribe

Somewhere Else EP – Mostly Nothing

Fetus – Franco Battiato

Keith Emerson and the Nice – The Nice

Three Piece Suite – Gentle Giant

Foreign Land – The Far Meadow

Tubular Bells II – Mike Oldfield

Come il seguitare delle stagioni -  Il Castello di Atlante

Hypnagogia – Khadavra

Off the Radar – Isildur’s Bane

Floating World – Jade Warrior

Liege and Lief – Fairport Convention

Dwellers of the Deep – Wobbler

Hotel Utopia – The Blackheart Orchestra

La Crudeltà di Aprile - Unreal City         

Not a good sign – Not A Good Sign

I Can See Your House From Here – Camel

Campo di marte – Campo do Marte

Secrets of the Pecking Order – The Weever Sands

Real Accademia di Musica – Real Accademia di Musica

Au-Delà du Délire – Ange

The Civil Surface – Egg

Remember the Future – Nektar

Deus Arrakis – Klaus Schulze

Cambrium Music for Protozoa – Stephen Parsick

ReInvention – Gryphon

Shamal – Gong

Stand Up – Jethro Tull

Il Giusto Equilibrio – Panther & C.

Fugazi – Marillion

Isotope – Isotope

Pages from the Sea – Stefano Panunzi

Zeitgeist – Tony Coe

Concerto delle Mente – Pholas Dactylus

Live in Concert Newcastle City Hall 1974 – Refugee

Music for Quiet Moments (discs 1, 2) – Robert Fripp

Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends – ELP

Manifesto of an Alchemist – Roine Stolt’s The Flower King

Live and Let Live – Twelfth Night

Idle Worship – Geres

Zopp – Zopp

Live at Carnegie Hall – Renaissance

Sonnar – Nodo Gordiano

Danger Money – UK

La Maschera di Cera – La Maschera di Cera

At The Edge of Light – Steve Hackett

Reverie – ESP Project

Onda Quadra - Zaal

May 2023


Il giro del cappio – La Coscienza di Zeno

Out of the Gate – Alessandro Corvaglia

Leftoverture – Kansas

Live at Hammersmith Vol. II – The Enid

Fear of the Dark – Gordon Giltrap

Epektasis – Nicklas Barker

Epsilon in Malaysian Pale – Edgar Froese

Cords – Synergy

Equilibrium – Polychrome

Heaven and Hell – Vangelis

Space Time Politics – The Resonance Association

Union 30 Live Discs 13, 14 – Yes

Things to Come – Seventh Wave

Live at Coventry Cathedral – Travis & Fripp

Jord – Jordsjø

More Than Meets the Eye – Jadis

Beginnings – Steve Howe

Live in Concert – Barbara Thompson’s Paraphernalia

L’enigma della vita – Logos

Trusciant – Il Baricentro

Banco – Banco del Mutuo Soccorso

Ant Death Spiral - Monkey Diet

T.R.E.S. – Malombra

Pangea e le tre lune – Il Cerchio d’Oro

Capitol Studios West Hollywood, California – Gentle Giant

Ingen tid å miste – MÍO

Lemures – Balletto di Bronzo

Caronte – The Trip

Reverie – ESP Project

A Drop of Light – All Traps on Earth

Oxygene – Jean-Michel Jarre

Adonis – Anyone’s Daughter

Hatfield and the North – Hatfield and the North

The Whole Story – Kate Bush

Asceta – Asceta

Live – Barclay James Harvest

Stati equivoci dell’essere – Il Sogno di Rubik

Bordando el manto terrestre - Maud the Moth & Trajedesaliva

OisoLün – Oiapok

Zarathustra – Museo Rosenbach

Fly High Fall Far – Pendragon

Lähtö Matkalle – Finnforest

The Key of the Garden – Fungus Family

Cyclone – Tangerine Dream

Live, etc – Gong

Pierre Lumière – Karnag

Lord’s Rake – Scafell Pike

June 2023


Focus 11 – Focus

4 – Diagonal

Yessongs – Yes

Sides – Anthony Phillips

May 17, 1995 Royal Albert Hall, London, England – King Crimson

The Underfall Yard – Big Big Train

Megalomania – RJ Troika

Districts Roads Open Space – Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan

Atlantide – The Trip

Hymns Spheres – Keith Jarrett

Nursery Cryme – Genesis

Antiphonals – Sara Davachi

Ho sognato percore elletriche – PFM

Pollen – Pulsar

Crac – Area

Animals – Pink Floyd

Time and Tide – Greenslade

Universi paralleli – Arti e Mestiere

Il velo dei riflessi – Quel che disse il Tuono

Fire Fortellinger – Lars Fredrik Frøislie

Lemures – Balletto di Bronzo

Hooffoot – Hooffoot

Daecade – Daal

Tonic – Steve Baker

For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night – Caravan

Forever Blowing Bubbles – Clearlight

Clowns – Nuova Idea

Alight - Cellar Noise

Adonia – Ose

Odin’s Raven Magic – Sigur Rós

2nd Life – AQ&F

Heterostasis – Path of Ilya

Criminal Record – Rick Wakeman

Erebus - Asceta

Reflections from an Unseen World – Blue Dawn

Principe di un giorno - Celeste

Vision – Peter Hammill

Sky – Sky

Anemoia – Peninsula


Starseeds 1 – Xavier Boscher

Softs – Soft Machine

July 2023


Creative Listening – Metamono

Arzachel – Arzachel

Are(A)zione – Area

In Concerto - Le Orme

Cook – PFM

The Journey – Matteo Mancuso

Asylum – Cressida

Let the Power Fall – Robert Fripp

Visitation – Pekka Pohjola

The Ghosts of Pripyat – Steve Rothery

The Red Planet – Rick Wakeman

Il Teatro delle Ombre – Consorzio Acqua Potabile

Vemod – Anekdoten

Fish Out Of Water – Chris Squire

Deconstructing Obsession – Dominic Hemy

I a Moon – North Sea Radio Orchestra

Tracks from the Alps – The Watch

Kozmosis – Splink

Somewhere in the Universe, Somebody Hits a Drum – Yuval Ron

Samadhi – Samadhi

(Un)connected – La Bocca della Verità

Il bacio della medusa – Il Bacio della Medusa

Matching Mole – Matching Mole

Planetarium – The Waking Sleeper Band

Homo habilis – Zaal

L’angelo rinchiuso – Aldo Tagliapietra

Sonnelicht – Tyndall

Galassia M81 – The Astral Dimension

S/T Album – Great North Star

Shadowdance – Shadowfax

Hollowscene – Hollowscene

Road to Darkness – Gandalf’s Fist

The Art of Bleeding – The Watch

(No Pussyfooting) – Fripp & Eno

Music in a Doll’s House – Family

Sky over Giza – La morte viene dallo spazio

Apoteosi – Apoteosi

Voyage of the Acolyte – Steve Hackett

Live from the Past Vol.2 Belgium 2005 – La Maschera di Cera

Wardance – Colosseum II

Hidden Details – Soft Machine

Breathless – Camel

Brandung – Novalis

Alpha Centauri – Tangerine Dream

August 2023

Stuntman – Edgar Froese

Rime of the Ancient Mariner – David Bedford

La quadratura del cerchio – Le Vele di Oniride

A Chair at the Backdoor – Giant the Vine

No Harmony – Klidas

Tra luce e ombra – Il Viaggi di Madeleine

Profondo Rosso – Goblin

Io e il tempo – Nuova Era

Live at the Maltings 1976 – Rick Wakeman

Prog Will Never Die – Divae Project

Sorriso de Judas – Ensemble 17

Artificial Empathy – Aurora Falls

Viljans Öga – Änglagård

Suddance – Osanna

Violato intatto – Accordo dei Contrari

Macula Transfer – Edgar Froese

Safer in Chains – Imaginary Kings

Andiamo in giro di notte e ci consumiamo nel fuoco – Homunculus Res

Live at Loughborough Town Hall, 1980 – The Enid

Fire Fortellinger – Lars Fredrik Frøislie

Royal Bed Bouncer – Kayak

Il volto verde – Il Segno del Comando

Birds of Fire – Mahavishnu Orchestra

The Grand Crescendo – Obsidian Tide

Destinazioni – Melting Clock

L’ombra della serra – L’Ombra della Serra

Stati equivoci dell’essere – Il Sogno di Rubik

In concerto arrangiamenti PFM – Fabrizio de André

Octoberon – Barclay James Harvest

Live – Curved Air

Reverie – ESP Project

Greatest Hits – Ekseption

Glory of the Inner Force – Finch

Music for Quiet Moments (discs 3 & 4) – Robert Fripp

Widdershins – Gandalf’s Fist

Ceux du dehors – Univers Zero

Terra – Tantra

Paganini Experience – LatteMiele 2.0

Florian – Le Orme

Gentle Giant – Gentle Giant

September 2023

ΠOA - Blocco Mentale

Dolce acqua - Delirium

Concerto Grosso n.1 - New Trolls

Collage - Le Orme

Banco del mutuo soccorso - Banco del Mutuo Soccorso

Storia di un minuto - PFM

Tubular Bells - Mike Oldfield

Larks' Tongues in Aspic - King Crimson

Ys - Il Balletto di Bronzo

Forse le lucciole non si amano più - Locanda delle Fate

Arbeit macht frei - Area

Biglietto per l'inferno - Biglietto per l'Inferno

Palepoli - Osanna            

Alphataurus - Alphataurus

Quella vecchia locanda - Quella Vecchia Locanda

Contaminazione - Il Rovescio della Medaglia

Maxophone - Maxophone

Tilt - Arti & Mestieri

Dominion - Zopp

Quadrivium - Nick Fletcher

The Dark Side of the Moon live at Wembley London 1974 - Pink Floyd

Thick as Thieves - Let Spin

Odi et amo - Sfaratthons

Vietato ai minori di 18 anni? - Jumbo

Visitation - Eric Angelo Bessel

Pierrot lunaire - Pierrot Lunaire

Alchemical Task - Lore City

La torre dell'alchimista - La Torre dell'Alchimista

Inverted World - Somalgia

Choose Euphoria - The Resonance Association

Chemistry - Decommissioned Forests

Celeste (Principe di un giorno) - Celeste

Zarathustra - Museo Rosenbach

Essere o non essere? - Il Volo

Dedicato a Frazz - Semiramis

Reale Accademia di Musica - Reale Accademia di Musica

Terra in bocca - I Giganti

Passio secundum Mattheum - Latte e Miele

Melos - Cervello

Inferno - Metamorfosi

Alive in the Underworld - David Cross Band

Abbiamo tutti un blues di piangere - Perigeo

Caronte -The Trip

Per un mondo di cristallo - Raccomandata Ricevuta Ritorno

La scimmia sulla schiena del Re - MO.DO

Picchio dal pozzo - Picchio dal Pozzo

Io sono Murple - Murple

Il paese dei balocchi - Il Paese dei Balocchi

Fiaba - Procession

Profondo rosso – Goblin

Concerto delle menti – Pholas Dactylus

Sulle corde di Aries – Franco Battiato

October 2023


Epsilon in Malaysian Pale - Edgar Froese

In Camera - Peter Hammill

1984 - Anthony Phillips

Yoshitsune - PoiL Ueda

Schehrezade and Other Stories - Renaissance

Red Queen to Gryphon Three - Gryphon

Sul confine - Aliante

Echoes from the Undertow - B-Rain

Omnia sunt communia - Gruppo Autonomo Suonatori

Appunti di viaggio - Sfaratthons

Theatre - Here and Now

Starcastle - Starcastle

Thrak - King Crimson

Afterglow - Wobbler

Refugee - Refugee

II - Great North Star

Insignify - Rainburn

Vignettes - Rainburn

Salighet - Jordsjø

Choose Euphoria - The Resonance Association

In Limine - Finisterre

La vieille que L'on brûla - Ripaille

Virgin Grounds - Ton Scherpenzeel

A Temporary State of Bliss - Residuos Mentales

Contrasts - Fields

Someone Somewhere - Acanthe

Geoffroy - Emeraude

Pollution - Franco Battiato

Tempus Fugit - Metabolisme

Et après... - Mémoriance

Pierrot Lunaire - Pierrot Lunaire

(No Pussyfooting) - Fripp & Eno

Pangea e le tre lune - Il Cerchio d'Oro

Trilogy - Emerson Lake and Palmer

Warm spaced blue - Ingranaggi della Valle

Atlas - Elias

Live at the Rainbow 1973 - Genesis

Cold Reading - Bram Stoker

Istinto - Jus Primae Noctis

Fate Outsmarts Desire - Kaprekar's Constant

Underwater Sunlight - Tangerine Dream

il-lūděre - Il Tempio delle Clessidre

Introspection - Thijs van Leer

November 2023


Mass Media Stars - Acqua Fragile

Nude - Camel

The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories) - Steven Wilson

Mässan - Kosmogon

Incantations - Mike Oldfield

The Power and the Glory - Gentle Giant

The Living Tree - Anderson Wakeman

Garofano Rosso - Banco del Mutuo Soccorso

Ice Blue, Silver Sky - David Cross Band

McDonald and Giles - McDonald and Giles

Direct Hits - Nucleus

Volutes - Snowdrops

World Record - Van der Graaf Generator

One of Us - Struttura & Forma

Kozmosis - Splink

Serendipity - PFM

Passion - Peter Gabriel

Go Go Penguin - Go Go Penguin

The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking - Roger Waters

Il velo di riflessi - Quel che Disse il Tuono

To Touch the Sky - The Emerald Dawn

Dopo l'infinito - Nuova Era

Before and after Science - Brian Eno

Symphonic Live - Yes

Dominion - Zopp

David Gilmour - David Gilmour

Electronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra - Synergy

Crosswinds - Billy Cobham

The Old Road - Martin Orford

Abraxas - Santana

Fiore di metallo - I Califfi

Dresden In Concert - Jan Garbarek Group

Birds - Trace

Intorno alla mia cattiva educazione - Alusa Fallax

Elephant emoji - Elephant Planet

Samadhi - Samadhi

Unquiet Earth - Andrew Keeling

Ágætis Byrjun - Sigur Rós

Timewind - Klaus Schulze

Symphonic Pictures - Schicke Führs Fröhling

Bokeh - LogoS

Touchstone - Chick Corea

Illusions on a Double Dimple - Triumvirat

Debris - ['ramp]

One of a Kind - Bruford

Cincinnato - Cincinnato

On the Threshold of a Dream - The Moody Blues

Switched-On Bach - Wendy (Walter) Carlos

December 2023


Tales from Topographic Oceans - Yes

Spiral - Vangelis

1984 - Hugh Hopper

Phosphorescent Dreams - Univers Zero

Exsolve - Jo Quail

The Cry - The Cry

Nostalgia for Infinity - Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate

Gudrun - Pierrot Lunaire

Missing Island - Snowdrops

Salighet - Jordsjø

Six Pieces - The Enid

Red - King Crimson

Seven Secrets - Fruupp

Everything I Didn't Say And All The Things I Wanted to EP - Groundburst

Suffocating the Bloom - Echolyn

Natural Elements - Shakti

The Renaissance is Over - Neil Howell

Winterthrough - Höstsonaten

Perilous Journey - Gordon Giltrap

Aria - Alan Sorrenti

No Harmony - Klidas

Longplayer - Jem Finer

Script for a Jester's Tear - Marillion

1984: L'ultimo uomo d'Europa - La Fabbrica dell'Assoluto

The Equatorial Stars - Fripp & Eno

Focus II (Moving Waves) - Focus

Lemures - Balletto di Bronzo

Ricochet - Tangerine Dream

The Story of i - Patrick Moraz

Gryphon - Gryphon

Green - Steve Hillage

Quest for the Stones - Yak

Hungarian Horizons - Steve Hackett

Uomo di pezza - Le Orme

Trout Mask Replica - Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band

Pictures at an Exhibition - Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Oughtibridge - ['ramp]

Stormwatch - Jethro Tull

Stars & Embers - Ison

From Silence to Somewhere - Wobbler

People & Industry - Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan

Manifesto of an Alchemist - Roine Stolt's The Flower King

And Close As This - Peter Hammill

Attahk - Magma

Five Bridges - The Nice

Time Vaults - Van der Graaf Generator

Bedside Manners Are Extra - Greenslade

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