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Playlists 2024 (monthly descriptive text available in Vimeo video)

January 2024



Come in un'ultima cena - Banco del Mutuo Soccorso

Long Road Home - Peter Gabriel

Daecade - Daal

Sky 2 - Sky

Il grande labirinto - La Maschera di Cera

Deep End - Isotope

Pandora's Paradox - Venus Loon

Words to the Wise - Imperial Measures

Future Legends - Fruupp

Reverie - ESP Project

The Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome - Van der Graaf

Per un amico - Premiata Forneria Marconi

Between Flesh and Divine - Asia Minor

Cutting Both Ways - Phil Miller

Snowflakes are Dancing - Tomita

Music Inspired by The Snow Goose - Camel

Ant Death Spiral - Monkey Diet

Bell Jar - Zac Bauman

Marsbéli Krónikák - Solaris

Au-delà du Délire - Ange

Gaïa - Audio'm

557799 - Eyot

Music for Quiet Moments (discs 5/6) - Robert Fripp

Riflessioni: Idea d'infinito - Dalton

Distant Starlight - Jef Bek

Viljans Oga - Änglagård

The Delphic Prophecy - Gran Torino

Abbiamo tutti i suoi problemi - Picchio dal Pozzo

The Lamplighter's Tale - Gandalf's Fist

Entertaining Angels - Landmarq

Tako - Tako

Present from Nancy - Supersister

Fjernsyn i Farver - Tusmørke

Tales from the Lush Attic - IQ

ANA Words of Stone - Kirjuhel

The Yes Album - Yes

Imaginary Voyage - Jean-Luc Ponty

4 - Diagonal

Casual Breathing - The Peculiar Order of Harmonic Convergence

Nucleus - Anekdoten

Apologia - We Are Space Horses

Time is the Key - Pierre Moerlen's Gong

Of Things That Never Were - The Worm Ouroboros

Live/Remix - Portico Quartet

Olias of Sunhillow - Jon Anderson

Our Time - Vera Calix

Bokeh - LogoS

Platinum - Mike Oldfield

In Time - The Emerald Dawn

National Health - National Health

Worlds Within - Raphael Weinroth-Browne

Pollution - Franco Battiato

Everyone Is Everybody Else - Barclay James Harvest

Autobahn - Kraftwerk

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