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January 2021


The Second Brightest Star – Big Big Train

Transmission Impossible – Genesis

Order and DisOrder – Daniele Sollo

Winterthrough – Höstsonaten

The Six Wives of Henry VIII – Rick Wakeman

U Vreci za Spavanje - Tako

Giro di Walzer per Domani – Arti + Mestieri

Le Premier Moteur – Alex Roven

Lionheart – Kate Bush

The Curse of Infinite Luminosity – Samtar

Transiberiana – Banco del Mutuo Soccorso

Watermark – Enya

Burnt Peas – Tom Kelly

Different Trains/Electric Counterpoint – Steve Reich

Rings of Earthly Live – Ancient Veil

A Trick of the Tail – Genesis

Edgewater – Animal Soup

Living in Shadows – Living in Shadows

Soundtrack Vol.1 Secuencia – Jonatan Pina Duluc

Get Out of my Father’s Car - Gryphon

Hybris - Änglagård

Ataräxia – Ataräxia

Aria – Alan Sorrenti

1984 L'Ultimo Uomo di Europa - La Fabbrica dell' Assoluto

Seven – The Watch

Magician’s Hat – Bo Hansson

Oxygene – Jean Michele Jarre

The Night Watch – King Crimson

No Fear of Looking Down – Jadis

Endless Nights – Michele Conta

Foreign Land – The Far Meadow

20/20 – Silo

Singularity – Rain

My Mom’s Getting a Horse – MFTJ

Elektronische Philosophie - Level Pi

The Missing Fireflies – Locanda della Fate

Symphonic Pictures – Schicke, Führs & Fröhling

Tako – Tako

Live at the Western Theater, Los Angeles 19th July 1986 – GTR

Star’s End – David Bedford

Hymns for Hungry Spirits vol.1 - Great Wide Nothing


February 2021


Madanpura (a birthday piece) - Stephen Parsick

Dive – Daniel Weiss

Five Incantations – Jo Quail

Phenomena – ESP Project

Cirkus The Young Persons' Guide to Live King Crimson - King Crimson

Heavenly Bodies – Bill Bruford’s Earthworks

In Limine – Finisterre

Nuda – Garybaldi

La Coscienza di Zeno - La Coscienza di Zeno

The Gates of Tomorrow – La Maschera di Cera

Finest Finger – Sensations Fix

Rigel 9 – David Beford Ursula Le Guin

1977 – Elias

The Long Hello Volume Four – Guy Evans

The Snow Goose – Camel

Zygoat – Zygoat

Ana (Words of Stone) – Kirjuhel

L’Isola di Niente – Premiata Forneria Marconi

Storie di Uomini e Non – Rocky’s Filj

Revealed II – Psychic Equalizer

Symphony – Clearlight

The Delphic Prophecy – Gran Torino

Twenty-Twenty – IKITAN

Three Friends – Gentle Giant

4½ - Steven Wilson

Is There Anything About – Brand X

The Prince of Heaven’s Eyes – Fruupp

Mycelium Days – Yobrepus

Fear of the Dark – Gordon Giltrap

Equinoxe – Jean Michel Jarre

Electric Nemeton – Phantom Scimitar

The Mirror Effect – Artnat

The Clutters Storyteller – Mesmerising-Davide Moscato

Warm Spaced Blue – Ingranaggi della Valle

Not a Good Sign – Not a Good Sign

Il Risveglio del Principe – Celeste

So – Peter Gabriel

La Lama Sottile – Zaal

Amore e Non Amore – Lucio Battisti

Storybook – Finisterre

Hypnagogia - Khadavra

Missing Pieces – National Health



March 2021

Modern Masquerades – Fruupp

Relayer – Yes

Live at the Rockpalast – Van der Graaf Generator

Order and DisIrder – Daniele Sollo

Sum of Erda – Guranfoe

Live In Concert with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra - Procol Harum

Out There – Rick Wakeman

Le Premier Moteur – Alex Roven

Ataräxia – Ataräxia

Biglietto per l’Inferno - Biglietto per l’Inferno

Minstrel in the Gallery – Jethro Tull

Blueprint – Sebastian Hardie

Elektronische Philosophie – Level Pi

Il Principe del Regno Perduto – Celeste

Eleutheromania – Trope

Terra – Tantra

My Mom’s Getting A Horse – MFTJ

Ummagumma – Pink Floyd

Folklore – Big Big Train

Thick As A Brick 2 – Ian Anderson

Hyperborea – Tangerine Dream

90125 – Yes

Hinterland – Wobbler

Hymns for Hungry Spirits Vol. 1 – Great Wide Nothing

Beyond the Missouri Sky – Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny

In Camera – Peter Hammill

Camel – Camel

Being – Wigwam

I Just Wanna Break Even – The Flying Caravan

Dive – Daniel Weiss

Gazeuse! – Gong

Six – Soft Machine

Uomo di Pezza – Le Orme

1977 – Elias

Constellation – Elias

Three of a Perfect Pair – King Crimson

Melos – Cervello

An Invitation – Amber Foil

Focus 9 New Skin – Focus



April 2021

Il Mondo Che Era Mio - Zuffanti and Z Band

Sum of Erda – Guranfoe


Zeit – Tangerine Dream

Tubular Bells – Mike Oldfield

Il Paese Del Tramonto - Unreal City

Photos of Ghosts – Premiata Forneria Marconi

Zero Time – T.O.N.T.O’s Expanding Head Band

Olias of Sunhillow – Jon Anderson

Night on Bald Mountain – Fireballet

Elixir – Jasmeno

Close to the Edge – Yes

Galatea – Unalei

Us – Peter Gabriel

L’Enigma della Vita – Logos

Sadako e le Mille Gru di Carta – Logos

The Mathematician’s Air Display – Pekka Pohjola

Beyond the Illusion – Stefano Panunzi

Solar Fire - Manfred Mann’s Earth Band

Albedo 0.39 – Vangelis

Gong Live – Gong

Heavy Weather – Weather Report

Extrasolar – Elias

Resiliente – Mula

Drive By – The Necks

Prelude – Deodato

The Underfall Yard – Big Big Train

Rockpommel’s Land – Grobschnitt

Yes – Yes

Lisker – Lisker

Off the Radar – Isildur’s Bane



May 2021


HQ – Roy Harper

Fjernsyn i Farver – Tusmørke

Il Segno del Comando – Il Segno del Comando

Concert L'Orient – Didier Squiban

Volutes – Snowdrops

Union – Yes

Pastoralia – Jordsjø

Beyond Expression – Finch

Passio Secundum Mattheum The Complete Work – Latte e Miele

The Bridge Between – Robert Fripp String Quintet

Typical – Peter Hammill

Le Porte del Silenzio – Malibran

Into the Hollow – Mothman and the Thunderbirds

Workin’ All Night Workin’ All Day – The Petal Falls

Pirana II – Pirana

The First Liquidation (EP) – Frozen Factory

Palepoli – Osanna

The Hall of Floaters in the Sky – Omega

Revealed II - Psychic Equalizer

Memories from a Cold Place - Psychic Equalizer

The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table – Rick Wakeman

Il Mostro di Firenze – Una Stagione all’Inferno

Homo Habilis – Zaal

Ambient I Music for Airports – Brian Eno

The Key of the Garden – Fungus Family

Tarkus – Emerson Lake & Palmer

Destinazioni – Melting Clock

Madrid [or Suite for the Solitary Contemporary Citizen] – Psychic Equalizer

L'Univers de la Mer – Dominique Guiot

Springsong – Höstsonaten

The Sixth Extinction – Psychic Equalizer

Contamination – Il Rovescio della Medaglia

Prélude au Sommeil - Jean Jacques Perrey

Exclusively for My Friends vol.1 – Oscar Peterson

Fistful of Planets part 1 – Elisa Montaldo

Les Contes de Nulle Part – Anthony Béard

For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night – Caravan

Isotope – 22 Layers

An Electric Storm – White Noise

A – Jethro Tull

Refugee – Refugee

Worlds Within – Raphael Weinroth-Browne

The Mirror Effect – Artnat

The Rotters’ Club – Hatfield and the North



June 2021


Isotope – Isotope

Tales from the Lush Attic – IQ

Where the Journey Begins – Jana Draka

Il Principe del Regno Perduto – Celeste

The Odyssey – David Bedford

Creétisvan - Mike Tiano

Come in un’Ultima Cena – Banco del Mutuo Soccorso

Live at the Rainbow 1973 – Genesis

Rites at Dawn – Wobbler

Phantasmagoria – Curved Air

Arbeit Macht Frei – Area

Spectral Mornings – Steve Hackett

Misplaced Childhood – Marillion

Phaedra – Tangerine Dream

I Just Wanna Break Even – The Flying Caravan

Blue Sun – The Ikan Method

Rain Dances – Camel

Cloud About Mercury – David Torn

Cambrium Music for Protozoa – Stephen Parsick

Ile de Fièvre – Shylock

Sonno Eliso – Edmondo Romano

S.E.I – La Maschera di Cera

Stillusion – Peter Sinfield

Far and Distant Things – Benjamin Croft

Birds – Trace

Until All the Ghosts Are Gone – Anekdoten

Illusions on a Double Dimple – Triumvirat

Thrak – King Crimson

Get Out of My Father’s Car – Gryphon

Fact and Fiction – Twelfth Night

Heartquake – Leviathan

Greenslade – Greenslade

Music for Piano and Drums – Moraz Bruford

Time Wind – Klaus Schulze

Electric Savage – Colosseum II

The Slyboots Incident – Red Over Red

Aka/Darbari/Java: Magic Realism – Jon Hassell

Legend – Henry Cow

Invisible Touch - Genesis



July 2021


A Curious Feeling – Tony Banks

Participation Mystique – Lore City

Inheritance – Musk Ox

The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other – Van der Graaf Generator

Departure Tapes – Giancarlo Erra

You Will Know When The Time Is Right – The Resonance Association

Blue Jays – Justin Hayward John Lodge

Livemiles – Tangerine Dream

With the Compliments of Nuclear Physics – Metamono

Caravan and the New Symphonia – Caravan

Il Paese dei Balocchi – Il Paese dei Balocchi

QE2 – Mike Oldfield

L’Uovo di Colombo - L’Uovo di Colombo

Altitude – Lifesigns

Parallel – Hypnopompia

What Lies Ahead of Us – Pentral

Fistful of Planets part two – Elisa Montaldo

Il Pozzo dei Giganti – Cherry Five

Dedalo e Icaro – Il Cerchio d’Oro

Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends – Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Riflessi e Maschere - Macchina Pneumatica

The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack – The Nice

Topographic Drama – Yes

Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe - Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe

Octoberon – Barclay James Harvest

The Book of Invasions A Celtic Symphony – Horslips

Frammenti Notturni – Unreal City

A Drop of Light – All Traps on Earth

Lux Ade – La Maschera di Cera

Sound Mirror – Syd Arthur

Forget-Me-Nots – Dikajee

Live at Hammersmith Vol.1 – The Enid

Pastoralia – Jordsjø

DNA – Jumbo

A Saucerful of Secrets – Pink Floyd

Un Amico – Premiata Forneria Marconi

XXV - Finisterre



August 2021


La Notte Anche di Giorno – La Coscienza di Zeno

Appunti Per Un Idea Fissa – Capsicum Red

Warm Spaced Blue – Ingranaggi delle Valle

Il Tempo della Gioia - Quella Vecchia Locanda

Inheritance – Musk Ox

Arzachel – Uriel

Common Ground – Big Big Train

Little Red Record – Matching Mole

Sadako e le mille gru di carta – Logos

Paganini Experience – LatteMiele 2.0

Variations – Andrew Lloyd Webber

Danger Money – UK

The Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome – Van der Graaf

Larks’ Tongues in Aspic – King Crimson

The Inner Mounting Flame – Mahavishnu Orchestra

Concerto for Electric Violin – Darryl Way

Jet Lag - PFM

Cunning Stunts – Caravan

Music in a Doll’s House – Family

Univers Zero – Univers Zero

Un Biglietto del Tram – Stormy Six

In Praise of Learning – Henry Cow

In a Glass House – Gentle Giant

Heavy Horses – Jethro Tull

Celeste (Principe di un Giorno) – Celeste

Embrace – Anna Phoebe

Imaginary Voyage – Jean-Luc Ponty

Point of Know Return – Kansas

Second Album – Curved Air

Crossover – David Cross & Peter Banks

Summereve – Höstsonaten

Quantum Key – Tangerine Dream

La Lama Sottile – Zaal

Natural Elements - Shakti

Mauro Pagani/Sogno di una notte d'estate – Mauro Pagani

The Tain – Horslips

Stranded – Roxy Music

Tilt – Arti+Mestieri

Reinvention – Gryphon

On An On – Syd Arthur



September 2021


Les Châteaux de la Loire – Ellesmere

Terra in Bocca – I Giganti

Stratosfear – Tangerine Dream

Wet Dream – Richard Wright

Phosphorescent Dreams – Univers Zero

Alphataurus – Alphataurus

Sunbirds – Sunbirds

Dopo l’Infinito – Nuova Era

Head Space (Direct to Disc) – FM

Focus II (Moving Waves) – Focus

The Universe Also Collapses – Gong

Madness and Magic – Arabs in Aspic

Fly High Fall Far (mini album) – Pendragon

A Day at the Beach – Airbag

Leave Everything Aside Now – Lore of the Woodman

The Two Fridas – Metamorphic

Mässan – Kosmogon

To Touch the Sky – The Emerald Dawn

We Still Have the Stars – The Resonance Association

Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd

Equinoxe – Jean-Michel Jarre

Gizmo – Gizmo

Rohmer – Rohmer

Allium–Una Storia – Tillison Reingold Tiranti

La Maschera di Cera – La Maschera di Cera

Concerto Grosso n.1 – New Trolls

Florian – Orme

Seconds Out – Genesis

Resistance – IQ

Sleepeater – Filth Wizard

Digitalis (EP) – Head Spin

Live and Let Live – Twelfth Night

Underwater Sunlight – Tangerine Dream

Caligiuri-Tavolazza-Capiozzo – Three Generations

October 2021

Frutti per Kagua – Capitolo 6

Bursting at the Seams – Strawbs

Heliopause – The Resonance Association

Altitude – Lifesigns

Mass in F minor – The Electric Prunes

Emerson Lake & Palmer – Emerson Lake & Palmer

Pastoralia – Jordsjø

The Love Songs – Peter Hammill

Surrender of Silence – Steve Hackett

Io Sono Murple – Murple

A Vast Field of Silence – Outrun the Sunlight

The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway – Genesis

Skywound – Transport Aerian

Fish Out of Water – Chris Squire

This Building Is Under Electronic Surveillance At All Times – Daniel Vincent

Ys – Il Balletto di Bronzo

In the Back of Beyond – Basgrupp 3

Mässan – Kosmogon

Generazioni – EA Poe

Timeless – Majesty of Revival

Preludio Tema Variazioni e Canzona – Osanna

Atlantide – The Trip

A Passion Play – Jethro Tull

Music Inspired by The Snow Goose – Camel

Frammenti di Idée Perdute – Giardini d’Autunno

Of Queues and Cures – National Health

Exegi Monumentum Aere Perennius - The Rome Pro(g)ject

The Delphic Prophecy – Gran Torino

Canis Lupus – Darryl Way’s Wolf

The Madcap Laughs – Syd Barrett

Night After Night – UK

Waves - Avawaves

Live at Coventry Cathedral – Travis & Fripp

L'Ultimo Viaggio - Nuova Era

Gudrun - Pierrot Lunaire

Close to the Edge – Yes

Visions of the Emerald Beyond – Mahavishnu Orchestra

Dei Ricordi, un Museo - Stefano 'Lupo' Galifi

Exsolve – Jo Quail

The Silent Corner and the Empty Stage – Peter Hammill

November 2021

I Dreamed of Electric Sheep/Ho Sognato Pecore Elettriche – Premiata Forneria Marconi

Sulle Corde di Aries – Battiato

Sonic Waters, Underwater Music 1979 – 1987 – Michel Redolfi

Maledetti (Maudits) – Area

Contaminazione – Il Rovescio della Medaglia

Clarity in Darkness – The Resonance Assocuation

La Valle dei Templi – Perigeo

Seventh Sojourn – Moody Blues

Chronometree – Glass Hammer

Il Grande Labirinto – La Maschera di Cera

Opera Prima – Paolo Rustichelli e Carlo Bordini

Lizard – King Crimson

Felona & Sorona – Le Orme

Seven – The Watch

Out of the Gate – Alessandro Corvaglia

Par les Fils de Mandrin – Ange

Tarkus Revisited – Tempus Fugit Percussion Ensemble

The Way Up – Reeya Banerjee

Common Ground – Big Big Train

Trespass – Genesis

Aqua – Edgar Froese

Participation Mystique – Lore City

Bedside Manners are Extra – Greenslade

Visionary – Gordon Giltrap

L’Enigma della Vita – Logos

Darvaza y Brinicle EP – IKITAN

Biglietto per l’Inferno – Biglietto per l’Inferno

Masquerade Overture – Pendragon

Sei Note in Logica – Roberto Cacciapaglia

Birdy OST – Peter Gabriel

Mr E Jones – Nuova Idea

Focus 3 – Focus

Hergest Ridge – Mike Oldfield

Ao Vivo – Os Mutantes

Křídlení - Synkopy

Present from Nancy – Supersister

Destinazioni – Melting Clock

A Tower of Silence – Anubis

Road to Darkness – Gandalf’s Fist

Star’s End – David Bedford

December 2021


ΠOA – Blocco Mentale

Failure of the Grand Design – The Resonance Association

The (Re)Master and the Monkey – Gandalf’s Fist

Isotope – 22 Layers

Wallpaper Music – Kevin Figes

Camembert Electrique - Gong

Nostalgia for Infinity – Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate

Foreign Land – The Far Meadow

Live in Italy – 21st Century Schizoid Band

Il Paese dei Balocchi – Il Paese dei Balocchi

Asleep at the Back – Elbow

Catharsis – Masq

Experience – Gentle Giant

Cactus Choir – Dave Greenslade

In Concert – Emerson Lake & Palmer

Pictures at an Exhibition – Tomita

Hollowscene – Hollowscene

The Clockwork Universe – Thieves’ Kitchen

Syzygy – Eva Acton Stokes

Rain Dances – Camel

Raindance – Gryphon

Music Inspired by Lord of the Rings – Bo Hansson

Until They Feel the Sun – Moon Letters

Voyage of the Acolyte – Steve Hackett

Ataräxia – Ataräxia

Maxophone – Maxophone

October is Marigold – David Cross Andrew Keeling

Garden Shed – England

Epilog – Änglagård

Terra – Tantra

Milky Way Moses – Tasavallan Presidentti

Wabiąc Cienie – Albion

Parsifal – Pooh

White Rock – Rick Wakeman

Proxy – The Tangent

Mässan – Kosmogon

4 – Diagonal

In Disequilibrium – Isildurs Bane & Peter Hammill

It’s None Of Your Business – Caravan

Meddle – Pink Floyd


Playlists 2021

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