Reviews III

32 20-20 - Silo Badge 1 (1974) Yes badge (early)

EP review: Silo - 20/20 (2020)


Shifting rhythmical patterns, staccato attack, melodic passages and splashes of jazz rock. Music from Augusta GA that deserves a wider audience.Read the review here

33 Singularity - Rain

Album review: Rain - Singularity (2020)


Modern melodic prog recommended for fans of bands like *Frost, IQ, Jadis and Lifesigns. Read the review here

Album review: Michele Conta - Endless Nights (2020)


One of the main songwriters on Locanda delle Fate’s Forse Le Lucciole Non Si Amano Più, Michele Conta quit music to become a doctor. It’s taken him 40 years to record a solo album – but it was worth the wait. Read the review here

30 Endless Nights - Michele Conta Twenty-Twenty - Ikitan

EP review: IKITAN - Twenty-Twenty (2020)


A twenty minute-long single track EP debut is an unusual and brave move, but Genoa's IKITAN manage to hold the listener's interest with their blend of improvised heavy psyche. Read the review here

Mycelium Days - Yobrepus

Album review: Yobrepus - Mycelium Days (2020)


With suggested similarities between Yobrepus’ music and Radiohead, Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd and A-ha, the band certainly dip in and out of an eclectic bag of styles and the result is some intelligent post-rock. Read the review here

The Clutters Storyteller - Mesmerising-Davide Mosc

Album review: Mesmerising-Davide Moscato - The Clutters Storyteller (2020)


Singer-songwriter Davide Moscato goes prog. Read the review here



Alex Roven - Le Premier Moteur

Album review: Alex Roven - Le Premier Moteur (2020)


This isn't archetypal prog, but it's well written and produced post-rock, recommend for fans of post-rock bands like Yobrepus and Servants of Science, but also to fans of Bent Knee and anyone who liked Steven Wilson’s HAND.CANNOT.ERASE. Read the review here 

Ataräxia - Ataräxia

Album review: Ataräxia – Ataräxia (2020)


An excellent modern prog album with a sonic link to classic symphonic progressive rock – all sung in Spanish. Read the review here

Album review: Level Pi - Elektronische Philosophie (2020)


Elektronische Philosophie covers a wide range of Kosmische musik but extends beyond the form, with Cremer employing the ‘journey’ concept to take us deep into his electronica-driven universe. Read the review here

Elektronische Philosophie - Level Pi My Mom's Getting a Horse - MFTJ

Album review: MFTJ - My Mom's Getting a Horse (2021)


MFTJ label themselves ‘instrumental prog soup flavoured with art-rock, hip-hop, hard rock and psychedelia’ and it’s hard to argue with that description. The songs may be short but they’re packed with ideas on this fun album. Read the review here

Hymns for Hungry Spirits - Great Wide Nothing

Album review: Great Wide Nothing - Hymns for Hungry Spirits Vol. 1 (2020)


Drums/Guitars/Keyboards trio Great Wide Nothing have come up with an ambitious second album, the first part of a two-album song cycle. They're inspired by classic 70's prog and the result is really impressive. Read the review here

Dive - Daniel Weiss

Album review: Daniel Weiss – Dive (2021)


Dive is an instrumental album on the jazz end of the prog-jazz spectrum from Guitar Idol 2016 finalist Daniel Weiss. Helped by some gifted collaborators, he's released a well-crafted debut filled with melodicism that any fusion fan would enjoy. Read the review here

Album review: Elias – 1977 (2020)


Elias is the solo project name of Australian musician Carl Belle. Work on 1977 began in 2003 but stalled when Belle fell out of love with music. Fortunately, he picked up his guitar again and got round to finishing the album, a mix of modern prog styles, 17 years later. Read the review here

1977 - Elias