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Reviews IV

Album preview: Steve Hackett, At the Edge of Light (Everyman Cinema, Crystal Palace)

Album launch

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Album review: Chaos Over Cosmos – A Dream If Ever There Was One (2022)

Death metal/Prog metal

Album review: Elias - Atlas (2022)

Prog metal / Prog jazz

Album review: Höstsonaten - Symphony N.1 Cupid & Psyche (2016)

Progressivo italiano / Symphonic prog

Album review: Il Cerchio d'Oro - Pangea e le Tre Lune (2023)

Rock progressivo italiano

Album review: Lars Fredrik Frøislie - Fire Fortellinger (2023)

Symphonic prog

Album review: Schicke Führs and Fröhling (SFF) - Symphonic Pictures (1976)

Symphonic prog / avant prog

Album review: The Prognosis - Still Waters (2018)

Symphonic prog

Book review: Jon Kirkman - Tales From Photographic Oceans, Giants Under The Sun (2020)

music biography / photodocumentary

EP review: IKITAN - Darvaza y Brinicle (2021)

Post rock / heavy psyche

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