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Chaos Over Cosmos – A Dream If Ever There Was One (2022)
The fourth album from the long-distance prog-metal/death-metal project headed by Rafał Bowman
Reviewed by prog-metal specialist Stefano Amadei

Elias - Atlas (2022)
This is the excellent follow-up to 2020's '1977' and though it has prog metal DNA running through it, there's a distinct move towards prog jazz and it's enhanced by some amazing technically gifted musicians

Höstsonaten - Symphony N.1 Cupid & Psyche (2016)
This is an album review retrieved from the archive blog Cupid and Psyche, posted 8th May 2016, a version of which was posted on the progarchives site in 2020 under my username Agnenrecords
The Prognosis - Still Waters (2018)
Voted 'Best Unsigned Band' in the 2013 Prog Magazine readers' poll when the sum of their original material was an EP called Under Box Hill, Still Waters is an impressive effort channelling early Genesis and mid-70's Camel with storytelling that easily equals Big Big Train 


Jon Kirkman - Tales From Photographic Oceans (2020)

Tales From Photographic Oceans is a photodocumentary of Yes' live performances from 1969 - 2019 using previously unseen images supplied by fans and curated by Jon Kirkman, someone ideally suited to such a project having been hooked by the music in 1972 and over the years becoming friends with all the members of the band.

ProgBlog and Prog 94.jpg
Steve Hackett's At The Edge Of Light album preview
Everyman Cinema, Crystal Palace
21st January 2019

IKITAN - Darvaza y Brinicle (2021)
Download and limited edition cassette release of IKITAN's second EP
(ProgBlog demonstrating the use of the free Bic, helped by IKITAN drummer Enrico Meloni. Photo (c) Enrico Meloni)

Il Cerchio d'Oro - Pangea e le Tre Lune (2023)
The last in a sequence of releases relating to basic elements water, air, fire and earth from veteran RPI band Il Cerchio d'Oro, featuring their authentic 70's sound

Lars Fredrik Frøislie - Fire Fortellinger (2023)
The debut solo album from the Wobbler keyboard player sticks to the 70's format, but without guitar this is more keyboard-bass-trio prog. Stunning

Symphonic Pictures - _edited.jpg
Schicke Führs and Fröhling - Symphonic Pictures (1976)
A classic Mellotron-heavy offering that somehow missed out the UK at the time of its release, now fully appreciated. A potential influence for third wave bands like Änglagård?

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